How to Network Properly!

How to Network Properly!

Networking Events are probably the fastest growing area in business today.

It certainly was, for us, an intimidating prospect of having to stand up and pitch your business and selling yourself to others.

After now attending many events, we can now see the importance of ensuring you give the time commitment to them.

What will you get from it?
  1. New business. Why would you consider attending if you don’t increase sales? However, don’t expect fast results. These clubs take time: to develop relationships and trust;
  2. Grow your contact list. Whilst not everyone (or indeed, the majority) in the room won’t become your customer, you are growing a list whereby you increase your chances of referrals and recommendations. What’s better than someone recommending you by word of mouth;
  3. If you attend and you dread going, then you’re probably in the wrong group. It should come with ease over time and become natural;
Here are our top tips for networking like a pro
  1. Attend different groups. If you are new to networking, then don’t judge a networking event by the first one you go to. You may have a poorly run one with no structure and without the right mix of clients/services. Ensure they are of mixed gender, a mix of corporate and self-employed and some of your target market;
  2. Attend the successful ones. Once you’ve narrowed down the groups then focus on the successful groups and attend these as often as possible. The groups that seem active, that seem helpful and not just the selfish approach;
  3. Delegate Lists. Make sure you check out the delegate lists and highlight those you would like to build a relationship with. Do this before each meeting, each week as there should be a constant flow of visitor to add to your contact list;
  4. Network, Network, Network. The 30-second pitch at the start isn’t going to win you any business so the important part is before and after. The initial introduction part is a good way to identify the faces of the delegates that you have highlighted so you can focus and ensuring you get to talk to them;
  5. Always introduce yourself with a confident smile, handshake, and business card. If you are in a group that provides name badges then make sure you’re putting it on your right-hand side. Funnily enough, it does make it easier for people to see your name;
  6. Be yourself. Don’t be robot-like and stiff. Don’t go in for the pitch right away. Show interest in them, ask open questions and have a ‘givers gain” attitude whereby you are being helpful to them. The more you give the more you get out. Look for things in common, personal attributes, family. Something to make you remembered and stand out. Make sure you DON’T slag off your competitors. It’s a big no-no in business;
  7. Be a Speaker. In addition to using networking to gain contacts, build relationships and trust and eventually making sales, you can use groups to build your confidence by offering to become a speaker. You can have a spotlight section where you can share your business story, share your business services/products or give free value e.g. how to successfully build an online presence or how to keep your bookkeeping in order etc.;
  8. Attend social events. It’s a great way to enhance your relationships. It’s also a good way of seeing others in a different light. It adds trust again and they are more likely to recommend or use your services if they like you.
  9. Say Goodbye. Leave a lasting impression by saying goodbye to everyone and if possible use their name as this means you’ve taken the time to have an interest in them;
  10. Record business movement. A great way to judge the success of a group is to record business you’ve taken but also business you’ve passed to others. Remember – this may not happen overnight and could take a few weeks and months.
Eight ways to advertise your company for FREE

Eight ways to advertise your company for FREE

Marketing your business can be a costly exercise and somewhat daunting. Where do you start? What is your budget? What channels can I use?


Virtual Assistant Agency take a look at 8 simple ways to advertise your company for free?


1. Email signature.

Yes, you probably do this already but we’re not talking about just having your contact details at the bottom of your email. We’re talking about having bullet points of services and products your company offers, an exciting piece of information or simply stating what services you offer or production capabilities.

Why not even create a picture banner with all this information on and Hyperlinked to your website?

There will always be the potential of the recipient or even others (if the email is forwarded) clicking out of intrigue.


2. Social Media Banners.

Cover and Profile photo sections you can have an image with your company’s unique selling points (USP’s). A picture paints a thousand words and over 90% of information sent to the brain is visual. But don’t waste this opportunity just putting a logo or pretty picture on there!

Make sure that you are on Facebook (over 2 billion users worldwide) but also make sure that your company is on the business social network platform, LinkedIn. You can create a company profile and build followers so that you can advertise your news for FREE!

3. Newsletter Footer.

Hopefully, your company is sending out regular updates to a growing database of clients. This is your opportunity to put a section at the bottom with a short bio of who you are accompanied by an eye-catching image.

It may be that you had an opt-in promotional offer which created a huge amount of subscribers, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they know exactly what it is you do. You want to give them an overview.

4. Blog Bio.

If you are writing regular Blogs for your business, then you need to consider having a picture image with a bio introducing your company. You will naturally get random, new visitors to your Blog and this is your chance to seize an opportunity.

5. Business Cards.

Using both sides of the cards. One side to show who you are, contact details and website address and the other side to highlight any services, product ranges etc.
Make sure you invest a little bit extra in the quality of the card. There’s nothing more impressive than feeling a good quality business card. You don’t want to promote your company with a dull, flimsy, dog-eared card.

6. Flyers.

Flyers, cards and notes are a good way of marketing your company. Yes, ok it’s not free but how you use them is what matters. If your business supplies products, then your customers will be receiving parcels. Make the most of this by putting flyers inside which shows any special offers you have, an event coming up, a referral or repeat buy incentive.

The world is your imagination with this one.

7. Clever Card Placement.

Use your business cards and flyers wisely. Placing them where your potential customers or agents will be. It could be exhibition centres, cafes, train stations, waiting rooms etc. Make sure you get permission first though.

If you have a small budget then it might be worth your while thinking about sign writing your rear car windscreen. You’ve probably been in traffic and noticed someone else’s business and if it resonated with you, you’re more than likely going to look them up.

8. Free online directories.

Register your business on as many free online directories as you can such as and

It is an extra presence on the internet and can only help your exposure.

People are everywhere, and they are always watching, talking and connecting and all it takes is a bit of strategic planning by you to make sure you are out there.

Get in touch today and let Virtual Assistant Agency take care of your marketing requirements.


  • Social Media Management
  • Email Campaigns
  • Blogging
  • Web Design
  • Logo and Advert design
What do we do?

What do we do?

So, what DO we do?

We often get asked the question, what do you do? so what do we do and why do we do it?

What we love about working at Virtual Assistant Agency is that no one day is the same.

We have a wide variety of clients and each client has a different requirement, different niche markets and different ideas.

That’s where we fit in nicely – we are experts at being adaptable.

We usually start the day with the school run, after all, the children must come first, and we have the flexibility of working remotely from home so that we can care for our loved ones.

Got to admit though, it’s lovely to put the kettle on and have a daily business meeting over the kitchen table!

Then it’s put hair up in a ‘get stuff done bun’ in Nicki’s case anyway and Ian gets into game face mode for the day ahead.

As we said no day is the same, but the tasks are fairly similar.

1. Web Designing

we are gaining many new customers and not surprising, through recommendation and referrals. If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well as the saying goes. That’s just what we do. We are articulate, and we make sure we communicate to ensure we have our expectations in sync.

We are fair people and we don’t overcharge people for the simplest of tasks like some designers.

You may be surprised but we are self-taught in this area, Nicki has been designing her own and friends businesses websites for over 18 years, we now have vast experience with a great understanding of using current advanced software to produce top quality work for our clients.

2. Social Media Management

this is such a minefield and there may be many using social media for their personal lives but using it for business can be overwhelming. Knowing what to post and when is a task in itself, not forgetting keeping up to date with constantly changing algorithms to enable you to reach the right audience at the right time.

We take care of this. It may only be one or two posts per day but it’s the time needed to set aside from the day-to-day duties. Sometimes it doesn’t get done and to do this right needs consistency.

3. Blogging

A part of our business that is growing by the month. We’re not experts but we dedicate time and effort to research and provide unique and readable Blogs. The advantage of Blogs is to drive traffic to your website, to create engagement on and ensure it is the  “go to” place for your industry. It’s where you give value and generate interest rather than boring static pages that don’t appeal to anyone.

Stand out from the crowd and start Blogging. From as little as £50+VAT per Blog, you will start to see your website take shape. You won’t get instant return via sales but you will start to create value and trust, which leads on to sales and long-term relationships.

4. A mix of…

Logo design, email campaigns, event management and remote admin and sales takes up the rest of our day.  We did say it was varied. Between us, we have lots of experience and business backgrounds.


Time to collect the kids from school and homework duties and family time.

Once the kids are settled and tucked up for the night, we crack on and commit to helping our clients at key exposure times on Social Media. The evolving of business has now gone beyond the old 9 til 5!!

What is fantastic, as your key prospect is waiting for dinner to cook, they are browsing Facebook and your post appears. Bingo – you’ve now got their attention when you couldn’t during their busy day.

If you like the idea of any of the above, then we’d like to hear from you. Send us an inbox and we’ll get back to you.

How to get 28% of your day back!

How to get 28% of your day back!

Do you want to know how to manage your time and get 28% of your day back?

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the average Full-Time employee spends an estimated 61% of their day reading and answering emails, searching for information and communicating and collaborating with internal colleagues!

Did you get that? 61%… and based on the average of a 40-hour working week, that is the equivalent to over 24 hours per week of lost productivity.

Not including the amount of time required to re-focus back to the task at hand.

And according to the Office for National Statistics, the average weekly wage of a full-time employee is £539 and so over £323 per week is lost per employee!!


We’ll let you calculate what that means for your business in terms of an annual cost but even one employee could cost over £16,000 in lost productivity.

However, in this particular piece, we can discuss how just outsourcing your email to Virtual Assistant Agency can give your company 28% more productivity time back at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Assistant Agency can help you with lots of business services but here’s how, with well-defined rules, it can help you with emails;

  1. Decide your goals. Ask yourself whether you want someone to take control of your entire email inbox or only handle routine emails? You can start with the latter and with time and trust along with the right training, it can then lead to full control;
  2. Configuring your email. You can either allow your VA access to your password or use a third-party service like which allows access while masking the master password;
  3. Communication.  This is a vital part of the process of using a VA and the following would be useful;

    a) Set specific times of the day for your VA to sort emails. Maybe 2-3 times per day
    b) Decide if you want your VA to answer emails as if they were coming from you directly, or to reply as your Executive Assistant – which would probably work best. This can be done directly from your inbox, answering directly or forwarding to their own email address.
    c) Specify which emails you want to deal with yourself, which ones you want to discuss with your VA first and ones you ONLY want to see yourself.

  4. Discuss.  Ensure you discuss your filing system or design one together so you both know where your information is.
  5. Draft standard Replies. To deal with emails efficiently, compose a standard email reply to those typical emails you receive.
  6. Summary email update. Having a one-point contact can help you save time and money by taking you away from communicating with hundreds of people. By having a summary email once a day or even a telephone conversation to highlight all of the important messages for that day.

To be slick takes time. Have a little patience with your VA whilst you train them to your standards and procedures and while they get familiar with your company, products, personnel and your contacts.

Don’t forget, investing in the training your VA for a few hours, will see a huge return in production time.

Send us an email right now to find out more or pick up the phone 01785 503950

Why Facebook for Business is a Science

Why Facebook for Business is a Science

There are now over 60 million Facebook Pages worldwide. With over 2.5 million advertisers using paid ad campaigns to try and grab the attention of the 2 million daily users. Many companies are analysing their stats more recently and wondering why their organic reach has fallen.

There is a reason for this. Facebook has become a science and uses Algorithms, formerly referred to as Edge Rank, to determine which articles appear in newsfeeds and which ones don’t.

In this article, you will discover how the Facebook algorithm works and how marketers can optimise their posts by maximising their newsfeed visibility.

Understanding the algorithm

In April of this year, Adam Mosseri, (Facebook News Feed Vice President) described an algorithm as “a formula or set of steps for solving a particular problem.” and broke down the algorithm in four steps:

  • Inventory,
  • Signals,
  • Predictions and
  • Score.

Facebook’s algorithm is intended to keep the platform effective for users, and maximising profit for Facebook as a Company. Facebook knows that most people spend time (on average 35 minutes per day) on the platform to connect with their personal network and as such prioritises Friends and Family in the newsfeed.

You log on to Facebook to see what’s happening in your world, you look at photos of friend’s children, watch funny videos, send “happy birthday” messages and comment on day-to-day activities.

The algorithm predicts your likelihood of engaging with someone based on your past activity and behaviour. Have you ever wondered how, when you click on a football article, you start to see more football articles? Or, when you click on your favourite TV programme’s page, you start to see more of the same content?

So, the more you engage with a particular friend or a business page, the more you’ll see their content on your newsfeed.

On the flip side, the more you hide someone’s content or don’t engage with it (through shares, likes, clicks and comments) the less you’ll see it in your newsfeed.

Takeaway tip: Be more strategic with your engagement. If you “like” posts that aren’t really the type of content you’re interested in then you’ll just end up cluttering your newsfeed with more of the stuff you don’t want!

How to optimise your content for the algorithm

The algorithm is getting more sensitive about cutting down the amount of promotion happening on the platform.  Facebook wants to do away with business-related posts on a personal profile.  They want the ‘salesy‘ type posts on business pages and not clogging personal profiles.  The types of posts that have “sale now on” and “buy my products” will be coming down hard on, by Facebook.

As a business, your MAIN goal on Facebook should be to provide value to your audience so that you are the place where people will want to go.

The reason you’re on Facebook as a business is NOT to sell, it’s to build a relationship with your customers, that will eventually lead to extra sales.  People buy people first.  You want to create content that is stimulating, engaging or entertaining.  It should be timely and relevant to what your audience cares about or wants to see.  This is the type of content that will appear more often.

We know from our own experience, that for businesses on Facebook, applying a value-based strategy to content creation will help you keep up your organic reach.

Applying the insights:

Instead of loathing the algorithm, we (as businesses and individuals) should be thankful for it.

The algorithm really is helping to transform your newsfeed from a forum of irrelevant offers and ads to a feed that Facebook thinks you’ll love based on your behaviour.


Here are FOUR top tips on how to apply these insights to make Facebook’s algorithm benefit your business:

  • Make more video: Video is prioritised right now in the newsfeed.  If you want to get more organic reach, start making more videos. A video is the best way for businesses to get their message out to their audience without it costing a single penny.  Incorporate a mix of video and live video as a way of educating and showing behind-the-scenes stuff and increasing your chances of converting to sales.  In addition to this, it helps your search engine visibility and therefore increasing your potential website traffic.
    If your content is valuable enough then the power of sharing can also increase the organic reach too.


  • Play around with your strategy: Try posting at different times of the day, on different days of the week and different amounts each day.  Make a few posts outside of normal business hours. are the perfect go-to company for social media management.  Focus on four types of content you post (videos, a written status, links, photos) to see what appeals most to your target audience.  Repeat whatever works and ditch what doesn’t.


  • Use Emojis: Emojis are used more than ever and are known to increase engagement on Facebook.  It’s a great way to personalise and humanise your posts and they come across as more conversational and friendly.  They show your audience that you’re just like them: real, honest and approachable.  Keep them relevant though – if you run a solicitor firm, and your speciality is divorce, then maybe a fire emoji or a smiley face isn’t quite appropriate.  Make sure you understand when to use them, and understand your brand.  Warning: Use them sparingly though – too many can make you look unprofessional.


  • Engage with your audience: Engagement is critical because it fuels the algorithm.  Make sure to engage with people when they leave comments on your posts (don’t just “like” a comment). Be active in the engagement as it will make your audience feel valued, increasing their desire to continue engaging over time.  Replying to comments boosts that post back into the audience’s newsfeed and can have a higher impact because of an increased exposure!

Found this article useful?
Virtual Assistant Agency would love to hear your thoughts and top tips, comment on them below!

Six reasons Why Blogging and Social Media Are Important For Your Business

Six reasons Why Blogging and Social Media Are Important For Your Business

A decade ago and even as recent as in the last couple of years, just having a one-page website was seen as a must-have if you want to appear professional. Even for the “one-man-bands”, it meant that the company could appear bigger than they were, offering a place whereby a client could visit to “check you out”.

Nowadays, people want more: more from you and more from your website, including engaging posts on Social Media and interesting and informative Blogs to keep ‘tuning into.

According to the Office of National Statistics, 90% of all households in Great Britain have internet access, compared to 57% in 2006.

Which shows the substantial rise in just over a decade and with Facebook reaching over 2 billion users in the first quarter of 2017, we’re fast becoming a social world. Businesses are understanding that more of them need to be “seen” but there is a vast number not making the most of its full potential.

Here are six reasons Blogging and Social Media MUST be on your priority list:


1. Drive traffic to your website.

Blogging is an extension of your website and you can use your Blog to direct your visitors back to your website or specific content you wish them to see.Make your Blog the foundation on your website for all of your Social Media platforms. If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, then post links to your Blog articles on these sites with relevant visuals to create intrigue to get your visitors to click to read more.

You can also use inbound links to direct the reader to different sections of your website.

2. Increase your SEO

Blogs increase your SEO (search engine optimisation) and increase the chances of someone interested in that subject seeing your Blog and in turn increase the chances of click-throughs.
It’s important, however, to ensure that you have someone like to assist you in the writing of these blogs or at least have someone responsible to ensure consistency. There’s nothing more infuriating than seeing a website, its news section, its Blogs and its Social Media out of date, or seeing a post once in a blue moon – you get bored and ‘switch-off’ right?

Keep it Fresh. You want to stand out from your competitors!

Make sure you are using keywords in your articles. Prepare a list before you start of all the relevant categories, target audiences you want your business to be found with. Keywords and topics on your website are what Google will use to find your site and content. Obviously, by writing topics for your customers, brand, products, industry and lifestyle then Google will still find this content but specific keywords will give you a much better chance of appearing higher.

3. Position your brand as an industry leader.

By giving consistent, well written and more importantly relevant posts that resonate with your market, it shows that your company is at the forefront of any change, knowledgeable in its field and can be used to market your products, services and skills.

You are building trust and integrity, and, as they say, ‘people buy people’ first and you are adding value. Your customers could learn more too!

If you are in retail then your Blog can be about your products and then your customers will see you as the “go to” for any information on the products they like and have an interest in.

If you are in B2B, well researched, articulate posts will ensure that you are the ‘HUB’ – the place to be for your sector or industry.

4. Develop better customer relationships.

Blogs deepen the connection with your customer. Customers like to be informed, engaged with and if you are the ones giving that content then you will be at the forefront of their minds when it comes to procurement.

5. Increase your exposure via Social Media.

If you want to be found and stand out from the crowd then having a social presence is a must because of its worldwide access, sharing capabilities and the huge number of daily users.

Even posting 2-3 times a week can significantly increase your online presence in both the traditional and digital market space and gives your company the opportunity to forge new relationships beyond the four walls of the office.  Online, your ‘shop window’ can be seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Sharing video content and even Facebook live videos have hugely increased engagement. Go and have a bit of fun with it. Be creative, be a domain that your viewers will want to come back to. Video your manufacturing plant in action, go shoot the new product being packed and shipped off, talk about new services or developments within your business – the possibilities are endless.

6. Cut Marketing Costs

Online Ad campaigns are one of the most affordable ways of branding your business. Online marketing will now far outweigh the ROI (Return Of Investment) than using traditionally printed advertisements.

Targeting your online campaigns to a certain demographic and by fine-tuning down to interests and likes with powerful and interesting content will create a buzz and interest whilst not actually taking much time to manage.

Are you ready to increase your online presence?

If you would like more information on how you can increase your online presence, manage your social media, update or create a dynamic website and interesting Blog content then contact Virtual Assistant Agency.

For your Blogging, Website and Social Media Management requirements call 01785 503950

Admin Tasks We Can Take Off Your Hands.

Admin Tasks We Can Take Off Your Hands.

Admin tasks I can take off your hands…


Administrative support is a key service I offer as a VA, my role is to make your life simpler and more organised, here are a few ideas of the admin tasks you can outsource to me. Whether you want to completely offload all or just some tasks – let’s have a chat to discuss how I can lighten your load.

  • Managing your calendar/schedule

Do you literally feel like you don’t know where you need to be? Do you miss important appointments altogether? Does your ‘to-do’ list never become a ‘ta-da’ list? Do you have scraps of paper all over the place and no system in place? Do you find yourself constantly apologising for running late? Do you regularly double book yourself? 

Solution: Using an online diary system such as Google calendar, I can set up and diarise your business and personal tasks and schedule, setting alarms and push notifications when necessary to remind you, keep you on track and in the right places at the right time. Relax and know that I’ve got your back.

  • Building or managing databases

Whether you are building a database from scratch or maintaining an existing one, we all know how time-consuming these can be. We also know that every business needs a database of clients and suppliers at the very least if not others for potential leads, competitors, past, present and future projects, stock inventories, costings, income and expenditure – the list can become endless. Having streamlined processes in place can take up so much of your valuable time but if you want your business to run smoothly and efficiently then they are a necessary task which needs to be kept organised and updated on a regular and consistent basis.

Have you ever wished you had a magic wand and all the information you need would just miraculously appear in the format you want it to?

Solution: Let me take the weight off your shoulders and be your ‘magic wand’, by creating and maintaining your databases for you.  Leaving you to get on with your income producing activities and be able to access your valuable lists and information whenever you need to, from where ever you are and know that they are reliable and up to date.

  • Booking appointments and calls

Do you want to be able to spend your time actually getting in front of your clients, building that rapport face to face or physically getting on with your income-producing activities?

Solution: Rather than spending hours on the phone or responding to enquiries I can handle these for you, set up your appointments, put them in your diary, set alarms so you get prompted, leaving you free to attend your to clients needs directly, be more productive with your time and enable you to attend more appointments.

  • Making travel arrangements

Do you leave your travel plans to the last minute and have to pay premium prices? It’s often so much more cost effective to shop around, find the best deals, plan the ideal time efficient routes – I can hear you shouting at me now…

“STOP!!!! I don’t have time for all that – I’m lucky if I even get to my appointment at all”

Solution: Let me handle all your travel plans for you – I can make sure you are where you need to be at the time you need to be there, without the hassle, without the last minute panic, without rushing, at the most cost-effective price possible – so you can turn up to your face your client relaxed and stress-free.

  • File management

Do you create documents and never know where you actually saved them to on your computer? or even worse – do you spend hours creating the perfect presentation or article and actually forget to save it or delete it by accident! Are you ever out and about and realise that the document you want is on your desktop in the office or you’ve forgotten to take your laptop with you?

Solution:  I can handle all your file management for you, making sure your documents are safely saved and backed-up and are stored so you can access them wherever and whenever you need them.

  • Data entry

Data entry takes up so much of your valuable time, you’ve collected names and address of clients and suppliers, business cards galore, price lists, business cards, inventories, email addresses the lists really to go on and on – but now what? Are all your lists all over the place? on scraps of paper or you may be a little more organised and have notebooks and paper directories! When you want the information you have to trawl through your ‘organised’ or ‘not so organised’ chaos.

Solution: If only you had all this valuable information organised efficiently on a computer so you could call up whatever you need at the touch of a button – how much time would this save you? and how organised will you be? I can do this for you in a fraction of the time it would probably take you, and you won’t be tied up doing it yourself – win-win!!

  • Creating reports

So you’ve worked your socks off you’ve created all the content for the best presentation of your career and you now need to put it into a format that looks amazing and makes sense to the audience it is aimed at – the only problem is you know it’s going to take you ages. Plus you have no idea how to make it look ‘pleasing’ to the eye and still make total sense.

Solution: I have an eye for detail, I can make your reports come to life and maintain your essential message and hard work and whether you need it in hard copy or online format it will look a million dollars without it taking you double the amount of time to achieve it.

  • Generating forms

One of the best ways to capture your potential client’s details is to have a lead generation/contact form on your website or mailshot – but how on earth do you do that?

Solution: Let me do it for you!!! I know what I’m doing, how to achieve what you need and how to integrate it into your platforms. I can also create responses and follow-up campaigns to take the initial enquiries to the next stage.


  •  Drafting letters, emails, internal communication

All those letters, emails and memo’s stack up, don’t they? Receiving, opening, responding and communicating takes up so much of your time.  They are essential tasks that need doing, but very often the things that get left until ‘later’.  Before you know it you have people chasing you, hundreds if not thousands of emails unopened and you begin missing really important correspondence and even enquiries.

Solution:  I can get everything organised and up to date and more importantly I can deal with action and respond for you too – leaving you to know that the only correspondence you need to deal with are the important ones which have been flagged for your attention.


  • Preparing agendas

Planning your agenda for an event or even your day to day activity, takes time, but how can you have the time to write your agenda when you are too busy being in all the places you need to be?

Solution:  Wouldn’t it be so much easier to know exactly where you need to be and at what time?  Well, you can have it all – Let me prepare your agenda and leave you to just turn up! I can even provide you with alarms and organise your travel arrangements – think of how stress-free and organised you will feel without it taking up all your time to sort it out.

  • Personal online shopping

Are you so busy building your business and earning your income that when you get home the cupboards are practically bare? Who needs to eat hey? Well, we all know this is a necessity but gosh even ordering online seems to take forever right?  Or maybe you’ve got an important birthday or occasion approaching and you just haven’t got the time to go out and get the perfect gift?

Solution:  Let me do it for you, I’ll get to know the type of meals you like, we’ll create different menus and shopping lists for you, arrange to have your shopping delivered at a time which is convenient for you so you literally have your own little shopping fairy – I could even arrange to get someone to come and put it away for you and if you really need me to 🙂

And if it’s a personal gift you’ve needed me to organise for you then I’ll make sure it’s beautifully wrapped and delivered to or for you so the recipient really does get the ‘wow’ factor when they open it!


  • Setting up spreadsheets

Turning lists and figures into tables and documents which not only look great but also make sense are not the easiest tasks in the world and to add to that they are also extremely time-consuming. Learning and actually understanding cells and formulae takes some doing and certainly takes a lot of time.  Have you got the time to learn how to do it never mind the time to create the working document you need?

Solution:  I know, understand and have vast experience in producing spreadsheets, including, charts, graphs, comparisons, complex formulae and creating spectacular results in a fraction of the time it may take you.


  • Creating presentation slides

You have all the knowledge and ideas and you need to present it to others, but you don’t have the time to turn it into an actual presentation or you don’t know how to! How on earth do you create animations, insert pictures, add music, change colour schemes?

“Arrrrrrrrgh Help”

Does this sound familiar?

Solution: I love creating presentations, and I’m blowing my own trumpet but I’m actually really good at them too. Let me provide you with the perfect end result and one you will be super proud to present.


The list is endless – if you need it done, but you don’t have the time, energy or knowledge of how to do it – then get in touch – I’ll be able to help you!



How To Tell If You Are Ready To Hire A Virtual Assistant

How To Tell If You Are Ready To Hire A Virtual Assistant

“How to tell when you are ready to hire a Virtual Assistant”

So, you’re possibly reading this post because you’re at the point of ‘pulling your hair out’!

Are you finding yourself spending more and more time doing admin based activities which are stopping you from actually getting on with the tasks which actually make you money?

Do you feel like you are attempting to spin plates but they’re just all falling and smashing around you?


Let me put you at ease….

First of all, you’re not on your own, you’re not a failure and it’s completely normal, you are a human being and you cannot do everything, as much as you have probably tried and would like to. Actually look at it as a positive – it means your business is doing well and you have lots of essential behind the scenes paperwork to complete.

And secondly – I want to congratulate you for taking the first steps and recognising that you need some help and finding yourself here asking all the right questions – I’m giving you a virtual well-done tap on the back.

So, let’s get back to the question in hand – “How to tell if you’re ready to hire a Virtual Assistant?”

  • Is your paperwork piling up?
  • Are you spending days on end catching up with the past weeks or even months filing and accounts?
  • Are you having to spend time stuck in the office and missing valuable business building time?
  • Is your email inbox full to bursting and you’re missing important incoming mail?
  • Are you either spending too little or too much on social media – you start off with the intention of checking and posting on your business page but then get distracted by what your mates have been up to the night before?
  • Have you been meaning to ‘sort out’ a website but you just don’t know where to start?
  • Do you want to create a marketing campaign but again are clueless of where to begin?
  • Have you thought about employing someone to take on these tasks but realised you probably need more than one person PLUS you don’t want to or can’t afford to pay additional tax, national insurance, pension contributions, holiday pay, sick pay, etc. etc. – the costs involved in employing someone and the legalities are endless.

If you have said yes to even one of the questions above then we need to have a chat, you need a Virtual Assistant who can make your life easier, save you time and make you money!

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Nicola Liggins

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